Business is not negative!

Let's all take a moment out of our busy days and ponder this. It is crucial we come to some sort of consensus and it will be much easier if you see the reasoning presented here and commit to it without a struggle.

The business forum is getting far too negative. I know many people have been saying that, and they have often gotten dismissed with a swift backhand. But honestly folks, the negativity here threatens our business reputation, the reputation of Etsy, and in a greater sense- our entire way of life.

I understand that seems dramatic. And it is. But that's because this is so very important.

Consider this list of negative events in life: war, disease, deprivation, death... I could go on.

These days I think we could add 'etsy forums' to that list and not be completely out of line. I know when I think of massive deprivation I think of Etsy. And that says a lot.

We need the reputation of this site to remain intact. There are 6 million visitors to etsy each month and hundreds of those visit the forums. Probably tens of those would choose not to buy from shops here because of the rampant negativity so many are spewing.

And while that number may not seem large, we need that it to be at zero. In fact, we should strive for it to be a negative number, meaning that folks come to the forums and only see pictures of puppies and kittens frolicking in the fields. This overwhelming sense of positivity will encourage them to buy something simply to support the cute and cuddly environment of Etsy.

I know I'll probably get criticized by some for this post. That is only more evidence of the negativity of this site. Disagreeing with someone in a rational and logical way is negative. Just agree with me, give me a verbal pat on the back, and if you feel so compelled, convo me a pic of a basket full of baby chicks. We will both be more positive and that will bring more visitors to Etsy, more sales for us, and more money in our pocket to go on that 'quest for rainbows' road trip we've all wanted to take.

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  1. Yes. Yes and yes again! I was such a rampant forum poster a few weeks ago even, and now I go and take a peek and often run screaming haha. I'll click on a forum post title and then be like "ugh it's someone complaining again". Or I'll read a thread and then be like "oop, here comes the trainwreck...I knew there had to be a reason it had 200 posts..."

    I don't know what happened! Maybe people are getting cranky with the weather? Maybe it's the entire Etsy site's sellers' collective time of the month? all I know is I'm scurred.

    I'm all for friendly, funny, and useful. And kittens!

    - Lesley (aka WhenGuineaPigsFly)