Positive versus Negative

Eliminate the negative and the debate is over.

See, positive and negative are two real choices. It's like saying do you want an apple or a piece of cake?

If we have apple versus cake there will be a ton of people on the apple side and a ton of people on the cake side.

But In this battle there can be no real choice because positive is the only solution. 

So the 'choice' must only be between an apple or say a pear. They're both pieces of fruit. Catch my meaning?

For most of us, in the battle between apple and pear, we'll just go to whichever one is closest. There isn't really a dilemma.

For those who aren't following:

cake = negativity

fruit= positivity

negativity= poor environment, bad rep, low sales

positivity= positive environment, good rep, high sales

Therefore fruit=sales. 

Being fruity gets you more sales.

I hope that helps everyone.

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