About Me

I'm a professional hooker.

I learned to knit when I was about 10, but only occasionally used my knowledge.  I picked up the needle habit again in the recent past, and along the way got dragged into hooking.  I have found my niche with the hook and yarn.  It is so versatile and allows me to express my creativity which I so rarely get to do otherwise. My goal is to use humor and profanity to lighten up an otherwise dreary day you may be having.  It works for me anyway.

I love my family, Manchester United and the great outdoors.  No, not the John Candy film although I did find that amusing.

I hope to one day earn the meager wage I received in non-profit management through my hooking.

As far as this blog, well, sometimes I just think funny things and decide to write it down.  Or type it actually. And then if you want to read it, well, great.  If not, well, you just read this so you're a liar.  Cause you did want to read it.  Moron.