Err, what?

This is a real exchange between my husband and I:

Me: What's that gladiator film with Russell Crowe in it called?
Him:  Uh, you mean Gladiator?

And my friends this is why I am lucky to be married to this man.  Because if I'm honest I wouldn't tolerate such idiocy in my own partner.  Thank god he's more tolerant.  Or maybe me being a moron feeds into his ego? Who knows.  Who cares?  Not me.  Well obviously I do as it's my marriage.  But I don't care about why we're married.  I care that we are married.  Cause if we weren't I wouldn't get an anniversary present.

What was that movie called with Steven Martin where he's the father of the bride?

Yeah, that didn't just happen.  

It's just a shame that as we age our memory fades.  Well, for most things.  

Example where it's sad that our memory fades: I can't remember all the friends I was with at my first concert. 

Example where it's good that our memory fades: it was a Michael Bolton concert.  I don't remember a note.

I'm of the opinion that we forget things because our brains are filling up with info as we get older and eventually it starts overflowing like a pair of Depends on an incontinent race horse.  I don't know if there's any scientific evidence to support that.  But when was the last time I needed evidence to know I'm right?  

Umm... is anyone surprised I don't remember the answer to that question?

So to sum up.  

  • Russell is in a film about gladiators named Gladiator.  Ooh, Hollywood, you're always SO CLEVER!
  • My husband is a saint.
  • They don't actually sell incontinence diapers for horses but I bet they'd need to be prohibitively large.
  • My brain used to be a tall glass of water but now, like an overflowing toilet, it's just full of shit.

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