Let's revisit an old friend.

This is my best selling item.  I sell shit loads.  See what I did there? I said 'shit'.  And guess what?  I'm still a professional.  Oh yes.  Somebody stop me.

Because I said so.

The creation of this cozy was inspired by all the douches out there who say if you do 'xyz' you're not a professional.  Of course xyz is the substitute for any number of things their small little minds have conceived to denigrate your behavior.

Here are some examples:

1) If you swear you're not a professional: I think I prove that wrong time and again.  I thank you. 

2) If you are humorous you're not a professional:  Somebody tell that to all the presidents whose entire administrations have been jokes.  

3) If you don't act like I do you're not a professional: Sorry but I don't think an asshat matches my outfit.

To sum up, professionals come in all sizes and colors.  I think we can all agree.  Well those of us who aren't morons would.  Sure we may not all act exactly the same but that's a good thing. Because a world full of most individuals I meet would be like the Matrix sequels.  A complete and utter disappointing letdown covered in pleather and arrogance. 

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