Your first is always your best

My first James Bond:

My first Doctor:

My first city:

My first arcade game:

Yeah, your first always being your best- it's sort of a load of shite.  No? It is true, in the above cases, and I'm sure many others- that the first is the best.  But I can also think of LOADS of things where the first was definitely not my best.  

My first boyfriend (this isn't actually he but I didn't think it fair to post his photo).  Needless to say boyfriends got much better after that.  In fact, one was so great I decided to marry him.  Nuff said.  And by nuff, I mean enough.  Enough has been said.  Meaning, case is closed.  No further evidence need to be given.  Are we clear?  Good. Geez, always having to spell everything out for you.  

My first computer.  Oh sure, it was amazing at the time.  But I can tell you that my iMac is so much better it's untrue.  This commodore 64 is like a silent, odorless fart and my iMac is like a bucket of cow manure.  I'm not saying my iMac is a bucket of shit. I'm saying my iMac is so much more in every way than the commodore 64 (one of the first portable computers cause it had a handle- kind of how my dog would be a purse if I duct taped a handle on her- not that I've tried that).

My first President.  Nuff said (see definition above if you're still unsure what I mean).

My point being, sometimes your fourth or fifth or 22nd is your best.  I guess the more realistic saying is that you'll always remember your first. But then again, I don't, for example, remember my first crap.  And you'd think that would be seared in my brain as it must've been chock full of shock and awe. "Oh my god, what the hell is that? And why is it coming out of me arse?  Mommmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!"  

Yeah, don't remember a single moment of that important event.

So I guess the real point is that these sayings- who the hell comes up with them?  They are total morons if you ask me. 


  1. ROFL! I'd have to take issue with you over my first doctor being the best, but then I'm extremely ancient. My heart now belongs firmly to Tennant, the tenth doctor - although I have a huge soft spot for my "first doctor's companion", Jamie, who wore a kilt. Nuff said?

  2. Well, I have a soft spot for the Doctor from the north- who also happens to support Manchester United as I do... well, the actor does. :)

  3. strangely I didn't rate eccleston at all until after tennant - I had to watch his episodes then to understand the billie piper thing. I guess I'm just non-linear. or something.