Shit or Not Shit 2

Going to the State Farmer's Market. SOMEWHAT SHIT

Of course we got some lovely tomatoes and other things for our picnic today. SO NOT SHIT

But we also talked to some seller who told us everything about a plant EXCEPT that it will die in winter- which he mentioned after a bunch were purchased and in our car. QUITE SHIT

Paper airplanes after the picnic. EXTREMELY FAR FROM SHIT

I hadn't made or flown a paper airplane in ages.  But after flying a few at my husband's face (with love) to wake him up on Father's Day morning, I've remembered how easy and fun a summer diversion they are.  Fortunately he flies them much better than I do.  Mine are the kamikazes of the paper airplane world.  Kind of how my frisbee throwing is the totally non-lethal version of Odd-Job (ie always hitting someone in the head with a dull thud). 

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