Shit or Not Shit 1

I thought I would start a companion post to my series of 'That's a Bit Shit'.  Sort of like a ratings system for my lovely readers.  I know you won't get the chance to do everything I do.  But were you to get the chance to live a life as boring as mine, you'd know exactly which things were slightly less boring.

Now I'm not sure how much money you must have when you are able to spend so much just on a massive fucking garden.  But I think if you add up all the money ever spent on breast implants, it is probably what the Duke family spent on toilet paper. 

P.F. Chang's  NOT SHIT

Even though I will never understand how such an old society believes that two sticks is the best utensil for eating, I still think their food is mighty tasty.  

While I applaud to no end the support from the BBC of science fiction, it seems awfully stupid to name it "supernatural" just because you have "sci-fi Friday".  These shows, while awesome, are not dealing with the supernatural.  You'd have thought the bloody country that invented English would do a better job with it.  


  1. But English is an amalgam of several different languages - German and Latin being among them...

    So, it's complicated...

    but based on the link - no, that doesn't look very supernatural to me. Where are the ghosts and monsters? Are they on Battlestar Galactica?

    Oh, Christ, typing that I burst into laughter.

  2. PF Changs = Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    plus they have this amazing espresso+Kahlua+Irish cream martini which is to DIE FOR.