Science Fiction Fanatic

I watch science fiction.  A lot of science fiction.  The older I get it becomes more and more my favorite genre.  I think getting older brings with it a certain desire for escapism.  Either because you're trying to escape the inevitable death that awaits you at the end of this hopefully long enough life, or because as you get older problems and responsibilities become more complex.  And who wants a film that simply confronts you with the same complex issues you face everyday in real life?  Maybe if the films actually gave you a good idea for solving the nonsense you face.  But they don't.  When's the last time Nicholas Cage showed up in your life as an angel and saved your life, and then consequently became human and allowed you to die?  Can't count on angels in black trench coats in real life.  Case closed. Or in films actually, now that I think about it.

Science fiction though, alas it's all entirely fantasy.  If you're watching a film set on a spaceship in an unknown universe it's not going to remind you much of that foreclosure notice on the kitchen table.  Although honestly, if you've got a foreclosure notice on the table, how are you affording to watch television or go to the movies anyway?  Be responsible asshole.

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