My total BFF this last week

For those who don't know, and don't care (although if you don't care you're probably not reading this which means I can talk so much shit behind your back right now, but I won't cause I don't do that.  Often.) I have been ill the last few days.  My whole family has been ill.  It's been pretty much a stoner's type existence.  Laying in bed all day watching weird science fiction which seems like an LSD trip due to overdosing on cold meds.

What I have discovered is that I have a new best friend forever.  This is one of those friends I had neglected over the years for newer, shinier, frankly more stylish friends.  I had though, wow, that friend is so ten years ago and I am far too amazing to hang out with that loser.

But I rediscovered said friend and realized I had it all completely wrong.  This friend is the steadfast and true buddy.  The one who will make you feel better in all the bad situations and will totally come running if you call after waking up in bed with a dead hooker (or sick husband).

So screw you acai berry flavored cough drops, and citrus flavored lozenges with the cool packaging.  Sure, you may taste good and give me a few minutes pleasure.  But that pleasure is quickly forgotten when you are gone and my cough and throat on fire return immediately.  

For my dear, dear friend, my Fisherman's Friend- well, welcome back and I'm sorry I was such a cheating douchebag

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  1. As a fellow foul mouth crocheter, I'm so glad I found this blog and your Etsy store. Feel better soon!