The Best Sherlock Holmes ever.

I love Sherlock Holmes.  Always have.  On long road trips we used to listen to the old radio show stories.  It always seemed preposterous that Holmes could figure things out as he did. "Dear Watson, I could tell he was the killer because he smelled of elderberries." 

Um, what?  What the hell did that have to do with it?  But Holmes would say something like that in a parlor of some stately home (I wish I had a parlor- I wish houses still had parlors) and the killer would say, "Impressive Mr. Holmes. No matter you discovered my story (killer proceeds to tell the story in detail so we the dumb audience member understands it) because I'm going to make sure you never tell it!" 

And then we hear dramatic strings, a crash, boom, bang and then a shocked, heavily breathing Watson says, "Holmes, are you alright?"  Holmes says, "Of course I'm alright."

It always sort of went that way.  

Holmes and Watson

But now we've got a new Holmes.  He's portrayed by Bertram Pantyshield.  No, wait.  Beaver Hairysnatch. Ugh, nope. It's Benedict Cumberbatch.  More impressive is Tim from the Office UK (seriously, if you haven't watched the UK version just stop reading my blog now because you're a moron), aka Martin Freeman.  Also spotted, the dude who played Glenn in Nighty Night.

Clip from Nighty Night

This Holmes story, Sherlock, is set in modern day London.  I am thinking of moving to London.  Not only is Sherlock Holmes there, but so is the Doctor (how a time and space traveler always ends up in England [or worse Wales] is beyond me.  I've heard Rome is nice too.  Maybe Paris.  Sort it Doctor).  If two of the most clever men in all of history are there then surely I should be added to make the trifecta of mysterious genius complete.

The only thing holding me back is Gwyneth Paltrow.  Not sure if I want to be in her city cause I might be suffocated by the stench from her ignorance of her privilege. But I digress.  Holmes talks over people and does things with little regard for the feelings of others.  Sort of like a really smart, useful version of my dad's wife (she probably has a hairier chest though).

There isn't much more to say about it than that.  It's good.  Watch it.  It's currently on Netflix. And Sherlock, if you're reading this, no shit. 

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