Customer Service is not the most important aspect of your business

You hear the term 'customer service' often. In every business, people focus on the customers and their needs. Today I'm going to give you some revolutionary advice on customer service.

The customers are not the most important factor in your business. There. I said it.

Contrary to the well known saying, the customer is not always right. After numerous dealings with customers from all walks of life, I've noticed something that all the complainers and non-payers have in common: They are not good customers. Sometimes complaints will be FALSE.

Consequently, the most important factor in your business is you. If you didn't exist, there'd be no product, no business, and therefore, no customers. Therefore, you need to service yourself first.

Focus on yourself. Make yourself feel good. Thank yourself for doing a good job. Give yourself long lunches and ample vacation time.

When a customer asks, "Why haven't I received my item which I ordered three weeks ago?" You simply respond, "I needed some 'me' time. You can't spell 'item' without 'me' backwards."

If they get irate just say, "Listen. I want to give you great customer service. It's just that I'm more important than you as I am the brains behind the operation."

Further, as the most important factor in your business- make sure you pay yourself enough. Price your items for exactly what you want to earn. You want to earn a million dollars a year? Well, price one of your items at a million dollars. That way, if only that one item sells you've met your goal.

If people start to complain about your prices being too high just remind them that you can't put a price on talent. But were it to have a price it would obviously be very, very high.

For Etsians specifically, I recommend going to the critiques forum and requesting one for your shop. Then post your own critique of your shop. After all, we are usually our own harshest critic. And whose opinion matters more than your own since you are the most important factor in your business? People may accuse you of being silly or having multiple personalities. But that's just because they haven't read my advice and trust me, will be worse off for it.

What do 'your brand', 'your product' and 'your business' have in common? That's right. 'Your'. And drop the 'r' and you're left with 'you'. That's you. You are the thread which weaves all the awesomeness together.

So treat yourself right. Put yourself first. Service yourself often when alone or in public. It could be the key to your success.

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  1. bwahaha - service yourself in public! great post for a friday.

    jess to impress