Colors- A Rant

I have been thinking this for awhile, but didn't feel right posting it. But I feel I cannot keep quiet any longer because I truly care about the Etsy community and want as many shops as possible to be successful.

Let's talk colors. If you have too many colors in your shop you are going to turn off buyers.

Let me break it down to you like this-

People get confused when they see too many colors. Picture it like a kaleidoscope. Sure, people look at them and enjoy the lovely little pictures, but how many people actually buy them? Is there any need? Do you want to look at one all the time? No. And why? Too many colors.

In fact, those of us in the know encourage the use of only black and white. That way your shop is open to interpretation to buyers. They can imagine their own favorite color on your item and it will result in a more successful shopping experience for all. If someone wants a blue item, they can see blue. If they want a red item, they can see red. If you have actual color, like a pink item, you will turn away all the folks looking for red or blue items. You don't want to do that, right? Don't offend the taste of your buyers!

Plus, if you have colors you are creating an atmosphere where dogs and those who are color blind are not able to see your items properly. I don't know how many dogs shop on Etsy, but if one does, do you want them to ignore your shop? And if your shop is confusing to those who are color blind, that's bordering on discrimination.

And before you get all high and mighty about your love of color, simmer down and trust me. I have a background in biology and know how light is refracted into colors, and did my thesis on the human eye and how it responds better to shades of grey.

Please, don't be offended by this. I'm only trying to help. Go black and white and tell me how much more succesful you are afterwards.

Oddly enough, this thread was moved to Etc, but the 'Fonts- a rant' thread is still in Business. Discrimination Etsy? Oh yes, I think so.

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