Midnight in Paris

Have you seen this film?  You might not like it.  I'm a huge Woody Allen fan.  I'm such a fan I can, all these years later, forgive him for falling in love with Mia's daughter.  After all, they've been together for ages now. Either it really was a true meeting of the minds or he will stay married forever to prove a point.  Or Soon Yi has some serious dirt on Woody that requires he be her husband (he doesn't really need glasses or isn't Jewish? egads?!?)  Regardless, I'm a fangirl when it comes to Mr. Allen and his films.

And Midnight in Paris is lovely for many reasons.  Even if you forget the cute plot, the funny lines, or the gorgeous Michael Sheen, you still have the best character in the film- the city of Paris.

I'm Italian American.  I know people romanticize Italy all the time.  And Italy deserves it.  The life, the love, the passion, the food... oh the food... it's worth of a daydream or two.  But I guess because the grass is always greener I don't imagine myself walking arm and arm with my husband in Rome.  I'm too familiar with it I suppose.  I dream of Paris.  I have never been.  I have visited Europe many times but usually to visit family and since I don't have any Frenchies in my blood line I am woefully devoid of free places to stay in Paris.  I kid, I kid.

Anywho, my regular fantasies of moving to Paris and eating a baguette for breakfast each day are immortalized in my latest piece.  Don't worry, my funny hasn't left me (shut it if you think I never had it).  It's just that the dog days of summer aren't that humorous.  They leave me not wanting a joke, but a stroll on a tree lined street with a lovely view... maybe like this one?

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