Happy fricking New Year!

Have you missed me?  No?  Shut the hell up then.  You shouldn't say not nice things to me.  I'm emotionally fragile.  

Yeah, I am out of my holiday season stupor.  You lot have no idea how hard I have been working.  Basically it was as hard as a hooker during shore leave.  Only with slightly less dignity.  

My new year's goal for this blog is to have a weekly blog post.  I had tried doing daily.  But that just ended in tears and disappointment.  And if I'm honest, mediocrity.  I think a weekly post with all my cutting edge insights is just what the doctor ordered.  And that I lose 15 lbs.  

So here's to a great start to 2012.  I'm off to buy a bunch of stuff on credit and blame the Mayans if I actually end up having to pay it off.

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