A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Unless you're living under a rock or a large pile of yarn (like my poor family) you've probably heard Etsy plans on 'migrating' the forums. Now, I don't know much about migration. Even though I majored in Biology, my only memories of ornithology involve studying a Purdue oven roaster to learn muscle structure. Personally, my thought with the whole migratory thing is that you often get covered in crap when it passes over.

Regardless, I figured I'd give you my opinion since I know many of you live your lives entirely by what I say. You're welcome.

The forums have been likened to a 'community', 'family', someone even used the term 'student council'. I think these are all apt terms in some way but I think the most accurate description is a large train station. Say, Grand Central Station in Manhattan. For those of you who haven't been there, trust me, it's big and often busy. And most of the staff are kept behind bars and glass. Whether this is the case at's Etsy's offices I cannot say. 

But let me tell you how the Etsy forum is like Grand Central station. Both are busy and have peak times. Both have people coming and going regularly. Some people know exactly where they're going as they've taken the same train for 20 years and head right to the track after grabbing their beer for the ride home. Some have no idea where they need to go and wander around until someone helps or robs them. A few sit in the bar and delay returning home. One or two sit on the floor up against the wall and just take it all in for some acting class they're taking in the Village. Some always arrive having to use the toilet. Why? I have no idea. They must like crapping in public places. 

When you think about it the Etsy forum is just like this. You've got the old timers. You've got the newbies. You've got Etc. Yo've got the lurkers. And you've got the bullshitters who always crap all over everyone.

I will be sad that the train station will now be closed. Not because I love train stations. Yes, they can be exciting when you're off to a new destination, or just can't wait to get home. But in general they are a bit overwhelming and scary at night. Just like Etc. 

However, I will take my train station over the alternative. What's the alternative you ask? It's like after you get on the train. You're all crammed into these little spaces and either pretend to sleep or put your headphones on because the dude next to you is shouting on his cell phone the whole ride. Or you stand for most of the trip because even though you can see empty seats plain as day, the folks next to them avoid eye contact and put their bag next to them as if to say, 'this seats taken, Forest.'

Someone mentioned yesterday it's like putting everything into small rooms behind closed doors. I don't know about you, but when I think of a long hallway with a bunch of small rooms and closed doors- only two places come to mind. A hotel and a whorehouse.

And you can bet your sweet backside that in both of those places lots of folks are getting screwed.

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