It is Friday.

But as others who have their own business know, there is no weekend when you work for yourself.  An online shop means you can get orders 24/7.  And that's good.  But you do have to learn to not work sometimes too.  Haha, not work- KnotWork.

Last night I watched The Real Housewives of DC and the finale of Bethenny Getting Married and didn't crochet a single thing.

I sat there and watched reality television on my couch and didn't work!  Three cheers for the hooker!  Hip, hip, no way!

So now to the important stuff:

I'm not thrilled with the RH of DC cast yet.  There doesn't seem to be anyone I will care about, or root for.

Finale of Bethenny's show, well, I love her and love Jason, and love her show.  I really hope it continues.

Now off to get some Muse on and start hooking again.

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