Fred Wilson, on Etsy's Board of Directors, talking to some students about Etsy's growth

Fred Wilson speaks

Fred Wilson who is on Etsy's Board of Directors is in this video. He's talking to some students and is for obvious reasons discussing Etsy. One of the most interesting things he states is:

"And the other thing I think is going to happen is I think it's going to spread a little bit more in terms of the kinds of things that people can buy on Etsy."

Uh, what other things are people going to be able to buy on Etsy? 

The video is kind of hard to hear, but you know, it really piqued my curiosity when I got to that bit. It's not far after 4 min 40 sec.

By all means watch the whole thing if you want to. I have an advanced degree in business and love organizational development crap. But if you don't, might want to fast forward. :)

I'm guessing the new tagline is a very important piece to rolling out the new and 'spread' out Etsy.

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