State Farmer's Market in Raleigh Spring Craft Show Day 2

Oh the day was much better.  The weather was better.  The rain was gone.  The sun even came out for a bit.  There was a large crowd although not a very buying crowd really.  But overall I did okay.  I covered my table cost for the whole three day event and that's always a good thing.  Therefore I will go into tomorrow with less pressure and the knowledge that all sales will simply be money in my pocket (or food on the table as it were :)).

The highlight of the day was the nice people I met including Julia of The Playful Needle and Vintage Ties, Christy of Fallen Cherub , and Barbara from Gifts with a Heart.  I think many folks who are on the craft show bandwagon will tell you that regardless of how much or how little you sell, you're always a bit richer after a show because of the interactions you've had with great people.  You're of course a little poorer after being berated for having your prices too high, or because some of your inventory got ruined when that little kid with the ice cream cone dropped it on your show piece.  Alas, the trials and tribulations of being 'at the show.'


  1. Morning!

    I stopped by your booth on Saturday with a good friend and we loved your stuff. I will admit to being one of those people who said "oh yeah, I can make that for you" to my friend. I realize now that was kind of rude and I really do try to keep those kinds of thoughts in my head and not out my mouth. The filter was down and I apologize.

    But you do have some CUTE stuff and I'd love to keep up with where you are on your craft show travels. You're much braver than I am.


  2. Hi Christine!

    Thanks for stopping by- both at my booth and my blog.

    I don't blame you for making items like mine. After all, we are all inspired by others in our work. No one alive today invented crochet.

    I would appreciate you crediting my design if you make something identical. I also would love for you to point others in the direction of my shop rather than making multiples of my items (since this is my livelihood).

    Thanks so much and hope to see you around town!

    all my best,

  3. Oh I have no problems doing that. And if I do make things for sale, I'll get in contact with you re: credit, etc.

    Again, love what you're doing.


  4. Glad to hear the show had its highlights! It was fab chatting with you -- you're just as wry and funny as advertised. I don't know if you're familiar with the Rock and Shop Market here in Raleigh, but I have a feeling your work would go over a treat with that crowd.

    - Julia