Metal head (with crochet)

I've felt a creative block lately.  I just feel like everything's already been done.  Even if I haven't seen it, someone else has probably done it.  I still LOVE to crochet and LOVE yarn.  But I just wanted to branch out and didn't know how or where to do so.

Today as my husband ran into the pet store to get turtle food I ran into JoAnn's.  It's just next door.  I had to do it.  I picked up some buttons for my usual inventory (mug cozies, apple cozies, etc).  I got some more felt and embroidery thread.  Then I wound up near the beads and stuff.  I always tend to look there out of curiosity more than anything as I don't bead.

But I decided to pick up some craft wire as I had heard a couple of times about crocheting with wire.

I think my creative block is now over. :)  I just ordered a pack of a ton of different colors. We'll see how it goes.  My first creation is so cute!  I love it!  There will be more to come.  

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