The craft show necessities the others won't tell you about...

You'll find tons of useful information within the Etsy forums about the things you need should you decide to make the plunge and sell at a craft show.

I thought I would present my list of necessary items which many of the other lists won't reveal. I myself have a three day show starting tomorrow and have checked off all these things and loaded them into my car to leave bright and early tomorrow.

-Thick skin (color is optional, but the thicker the better)

-Flask (contents at the discretion of the artist)

-Sunglasses (so grouchy customers don't see you rolling your eyes at them)

-Muzzle (real or imaginary. I endorse the profanity filter model)

-Cool head (pretty sure there's an etsy shop that sells these. I had to get the deluxe model as I'm Italian. At a show last year when an entire group of ladies blocked my entire display talking about how they were going to go home and crochet all my items themselves it really came in handy)

-Adult undergarments (for when you mess your pants when you see someone with similar items to yours selling for half what yours are priced at)

-Kettle corn blinders (two reasons- so you don't spend all your profits on it, and so your butt doesn't grow bigger while sitting on your butt all day [especially important at slow shows where you have nothing to do but whine about how slow it is and feel it necessary to drown your sorrows in crunchy, sweet and salty goodies])

-Note to self (you'll probably need at least 12 of these for things like "don't do this show again next year", "make more denture cozies as they sold really well" or "start selling Cookie Lee so you can actually make some money stupid!"

-Piece of mind (you'll need this after you lose yours during extremely busy shows)

-Drool bucket (to keep your inventory and lap dry during extremely slow shows)

Anyone have any others to add?

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  1. I've also just packed a 'Dr. Phil' for when the couple running the booth next to you are essentially have a domestic dispute for 6 hours straight.